Love Belgrade

Rent our e-bike,
explore your Belgrade.

Rent our e-bike,
explore your Belgrade.

Rent our e-bike,
explore your Belgrade

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- rental electric bikes in Belgrade-

Welcome to Belgrade, a city that is worth visiting!

  Explore the Belgrade without traffic jams and tired feet. While driving the electric bike, visit Kalemegdan fortress, Kosutnjak, Ada Ciganlija Lake and more!

See some of the most beautiful places, buildings and streets on a bike tour of Belgrad!

Rent an electric bike from Passage bikes, and … ride! 

⇒We are located in the centre of Belgrade at Visnjicev Pasaz, Dorcol. It’s so easy to find.

Take a tour with electric bicycle and have fun while you meet Belgrade.

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Passage Bikes

Join our urban bicycle adventures,
rent e-bike and take a tour

During the hot summer, Belgrade is ideal for sightseeing in the evening time. Only with Passage bikes you are able to rent a bike through the late night, up to 2:00 am. This is an ideal opportunity to ride an electric bike through Belgrade, during the night without sweating.

Get To Know Belgrade on original way!

Overcome the hills of Belgrade with our electric bikes. The range of our bikes is over 50 km.

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The best thing is late night rentals!!!

Night Tour shows you the pulse of the city at night, and the opportunity to feel the spirit of the old town.

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Enjoy our city with your bike!

If you want to discover your own Belgrade, we have everything you need. Cool bikes and good prices!

Enjoy the bike ride with our e-bike